Rob warns against cracking under pressures of modern life and promises “the world’s less scary than they say it is”

Not a rehearsal: Rob Zombie

Rob Zombie isn’t surprised some people crack under the pressure of holding down mind-numbing jobs – because he once felt the same way.

And he says people shouldn’t accept the image of the world presented to them by the media, because life isn’t as terrifying as some news outlets claim.

Speaking before the tragic events in Norway took place, Zombie tells the Globe and Mail: “Television news in the United States has gotten into real fear-mongering. I really feel like it’s become bread and circuses.

“People are given cheap, crappy entertainment to keep them occupied, and the news keeps them scared so they’ll listen to what they’re told.

“But the world’s not as scary as they want you to think it is.”

The shock-rocker, who’s preparing to start work on a new movie, Lord of Salem, recalls a time where he lived in the same pressure-cooker environment – and he believes everyone should reject it the way he did.

“To me, hell on Earth was back when I had a crappy job, watching my life tick away,” he says. “I worked at a bank, running documents through a microfiche machine for eight hours a day.

“I can see how a person would walk in with a gun and just start shooting. It’s enough to make you crack.”

But he adds: “Look at the world: it’s amazing. This is it, man – enjoy it. People think when they die they’re sent to a better place, but that’s another thing that keeps people out of their minds.

“Get with the programme – it’s all happening now.”

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