Australian adventure tour operator gets Some Fin for Nuthin’ as he discovers AC/DC music is best for attracting real-life Jaws


Big attraction: Sharks love Angus

Jaws is an AC/DC fan, an Australian tour operator has discovered.

Matt Waller of Adventure Bay, based at Port Lincoln, plays the band’s classic tracks You Shook Me All Night Long and, appropriately, If You Want Blood to attract great whites during tours.

The giant fish enjoy the music so much they swim up to his clients’ viewing cages and try to touch them, so they can be closer to the sound.

Waller made his discovery after shark experts told him their hearing is best between the low range of 20 and 1000 hertz. He tells the Herald Sun: “We know AC/DC’s music works best by trial and error – I’ve seen the sharks rub their faces on the cage where the sound is coming from, as if to feel it.

“We’re doing more research to see what works best with different species of shark.”

Great Whites can reach 20m in length and over 5000lb in weight. They live for up to 30 years – but despite becoming world famous from the Jaws movies, they don’t normally try to eat humans. Only 31 attacks on people have been reported in the Mediterranean Sea over the last two centuries, and most of them were non-fatal.

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