Axeman Zakk wants to follow up success of BLS semi-unplugged album with a live version featuring his rock star buddies

Black Label Society

Zakk Label Society: Wylde, second left, and co

Zakk Wylde is hoping to play and record a live version of Black Label Society’s semi-unplugged album featuring guest stars Slash and Jerry Cantrell.

The guitarist is revelling in the acclaim generated by The Song Remains Not the Same, a semi-official BLS release containing acoustic-based versions of his own tracks and some of his favourite cover versions.

And if he can find the time, he’d love to make a DVD based on the album.

Wylde tells Music Radar: “I’m so happy with it I can’t stop looking at myself in the mirror… It’s cool. If you want something mellow, a break from the slammin’ stuff, this is a great record to vibe out to. Sit back and drift away.

“I’ve got some touring to do and we’ll be out for a while, and after that we’ll get back to doing another Black Label record. But I might do an ‘un-blackened’ DVD next – something with strings and a bunch of friends like Father Cantrell, Slash, all my buddies.

“If I can tear myself away from the mirror, I’ll get to everything.”

With a title based on the Led Zeppelin movie The Song Remains the Same, BLS’ follow-up release to Order of the Black features Wylde playing piano and synth strings on ten tracks, including a new interpretation of Simon and Garfunkel classic Bridge Over Troubled Water.

He jokes: “I’m worried Paul Simon is going to jump me in a back alley and bludgeon me if he’s not happy with what I did to his song. I heard he’s highly trained in jeet kune do – you don’t want to mess with Paul. And Art Garfunkel: word is he’s a formidable pro in the art of monkey claw, a deadly form of kung fu. This could get pretty nasty, man.”

More seriously the axeman observes: “Probably all my favourite bands have done mellow stuff from time to time. Zeppelin did all kinds of acoustic stuff. When I was with Ozzy Osbourne we did Mama, I’m Coming Home – people thought we were crazy and we were going all soft.”

And he says Osbourne has given his approval to BLS’ calmed-down version of Black Sabbath track Junior’s Eyes: “I sent it to him last Father’s Day. He was like, ‘It sounds killer, man.’ He totally loved it.”

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