Design the Skyline have been hit by hate since they started out – but vow it won’t put them off

Trolled: Design the Skyline

Internet hate icons Design the Skyline insist the massive levels of animosity against them won’t stop them making music.

The experimental metal outfit were greeted with unprecedented amounts of negativity on the release of their demo single Surrounded by Silence, which was criticised for its difficult-to-follow structure and the members’ deliberate “scene” look.

The video (below) has nearly a 90% negative rating after over 600,000 views. Their Wikipedia page is frequently vandalised and almost every post they make on social media sites is greeted with derisive comments. Printable gems include “It’s hard to listen and stop myself from laughing,” “Call them De-Sign the Skyline” and “It’s so bad I think it gave me cancer.” They’ve become known in some circles as “the worst band in the world.”

But vocalist Dani Doom says his band – who sacked their bassist recently allegedly because he was too young – refuse to be put off.

Doom explains: “People are afraid to be different nowadays because they don’t want to be criticised. But we don’t abide by anyone’s rules. We never have – we believe in free will, and in looking the way we want to look, and just individuality.

“We want to encourage anyone who’s original and creative to keep doing what they’re doing. You’ve just got to break free from this life and be who you want to be.

“Everyone has their own opinion. We don’t care about the negative comments. We don’t care about the hate – we’re nice guys.”

Doom adds about the trolls: “They really just help us. They get our name out there and build us up with a lot of hate so we can write our music really strong.”

The band also say their album Nevaeh has very little connection with Surrounded by Silence.

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