Stockdale fined after night in cell for stopping pub band’s show to play boozy Beatles cover then brawling with bouncers

Brawl: Stockdale

Wolfmother mainman Andrew Stockdale spent a night in jail at the weekend after drunkenly forcing his way onto a pub stage then brawling with bouncers.

Stockdale, 35, was drinking with friends at the Archive Bar near his home in Brisbane, Australia on Sunday, while a local band were performing a set.

He interrupted them and demanded to be allowed to play a song, then sang a cover of the Beatles’ Let It Be with the addition of strong language.

He had to be forcibly removed from the stage, and was told he wouldn’t be served any more drinks. When security staff asked him to leave he sat on the floor and refused to move, at which point the police were called.

He was arrested and charged with being drunk and disorderly, failing to leave licensed premises and resisting removal from licensed premises.

This morning Stockdale, who was not present, was fined $350 at Brisbane Magistrate’s Court. His representative Noel Barbi said: “Mr Stockdale simply had too much to drink.”

The poster of a YouTube clip of the drunken performance says: “What a night.”

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