Motorhead legend stars in new Foo Fighers video as he explains he’s got no right to make contact with offspring


No contact: Lemmy

Lemmy has a son he’s never spoken to, and doesn’t believe he ever will – because he’s not sure whether the truth has been explained to his offspring.

The Motorhead legend has been in touch with his other son Paul since he was six years old, and in last year’s documentary movie calls him “the best thing I’ve ever done.” But there’s a second son somewhere out there, and Lemmy regrets they’ll almost certainly never make contact.

He tells the Chicago Sun-Times: “Paul’s been a good kid since I first got to know him. We’ve even swapped girlfriends twice.

“The reason I haven’t got in touch with my other son is I don’t know if he knows I’m his father. He might thing his step-parents are his father and mother. I don’t want to screw his life up – and I don’t have the right to do that.”

The rock icon has taken flak for many years for collecting Nazi memorabilia, and has taken another opportunity to explain his position: “They were great-looking uniforms for the wrong reasons. But it must have been great to wear them. It’s not my fault – if the Israeli army made the best uniforms I’d collect them.”

It’s not as if Motorhead’s music has a pro-war stance: “I sing anti-war quite a bit,” says Lemmy. “War is fucking stupid. Even if you win the people you beat still think the same. I learned that fighting in school: just because you knock the guy down it doesn’t mean he thinks you’re right. He just has a black eye.”

Meanwhile, the Foo Fighters have released a promo video for new track White Limo, starring Lemmy as the driver of the titular vehicle. The song comes from the band’s comeback album which mainman Dave Grohl calls “the heaviest thing we’ve ever done.” One online reviewer has described the song as: “like drinking ten five-hour energy shots, fighting ninjas, then having a three-way with Megan Fox and Chuck Norris.”

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