Substance Survivor 1: Scott spent four years completely clean – until year from hell sent him back into the bottle

Scott Weiland

Obstacle course: Scott Weiland

Stone Temple Pilots singer Scott Weiland vows he’ll fight off alcohol the way he fought off addiction to harder drugs.

He says he was completely clean for four years until a nightmare year saw him seeking refuge in the bottle – but he’s convinced he can defeat the demon drink.

Weiland tells KROQ-FM: “I’ve been clean for nine years. There are some people who can go back to drinking, very few, and some people who can’t. It doesn’t mean my relationship with it is a healthy one. It’s an extra obstacle I plan to get rid of.

“When I joined Velvet Revolver I’d been completely sober all the way, drugs and alcohol, for four years. Then I had marriage problems. My brother died. My mum almost died of cancer.

“It was too much – I tried to put band-aids wherever the pain was leaking from. Booze is everywhere. I’m a sports fan and all the ads are either car commercials or beer commercials. And it worked originally, but it doesn’t really work.”

Weiland recently admitted his heart was never fully in Velvet Revolver and he’s glad to be back with his STP bandmates. He’s also established a working relationship with ex-wife Mary, who he still describes as “the love of my life.”

He says: “We’ve taken the kids on vacation camping. I’ll go over for dinner. There’s times we don’t see eye-to-eye, but that’s only natural. For the most part we get on really well. She talks to me about her love life, and I talk to her about my minimal love life.”

And Weiland suggests the split was more drug-fuelled than related to any failure of feelings between the couple: “No one can beat Mary in an argument – it’s impossible. When I was in therapy I knew I needed time out for myself, but some people just need to win an argument.

“There’s no winning when tempers are flared. You say things you don’t mean.”

Weiland’s book, Not Dead and Not For Sale, is available now.

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