Guitarist says band stuck by singer as best they could – but real tragedy is he’s left two daughters behind

Warrant in 2008

Reunited: Lane with Warrant in 2008

Warrant guitarist Joey Allen says the band aren’t shocked by the death of former singer Jani Lane, who was found in a hotel room earlier this month alone with a bottle of vodka and prescription pills.

Lane left and rejoined the band a number of times as he struggled with his demons over the years, and Allen says his bandmates tried to offer the support.

He tells Sirius XM’s Eddie Trunk: “It’s no secret we did have our ups and downs with the guy, and it’s no secret in some circles we did what we could for him in our own way.

“We stuck through a few rehab stints with him during the reunion tour. There’s so much stuff people don’t know, that’s not necessarily for them to know. But it wasn’t us not wanting him to be well. A few months ago I said, ‘We’re rooting for the guy – let him get out there. People want to hear the music; people want to hear him sing. Go for it, do it well. And do it like you used to. It just wasn’t meant to be.”

Allen says he first became aware Lane was fighting against addiction issues at the beginning of the 1990s. “When the Seattle thing came on and took the win out of the late-80s hard rock scene, I think it was hard for him to deal with that.

“At the same time I think he was going through personal issues, which was hard. We were all there and supportive – we took time off when he needed time off. It just got a little dark.”

Lane remained with Warrant for just six months during their attempted reunion in 2008. Allen recalls: “When we got back together and I went and met him for the first time to bury the hatchet, he looked great and he sounded great. And he was good – it just didn’t last.

“With talented people like that, I think there’s peaks and valleys. The highest of highs and the lowest of lows. That’s what makes for some great music, unfortunately.

“The main tragedy is the guy is survived by two young daughters. I know one of them and she’s a really great kid. You’ve really just got to wish them the best – that’s where it stings the most.”

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