Campbell says his loyalties lie with headline act, so two shifts are out of the question when bands play together

Viv Campbell

No double shifts: Viv Campbell

Guitarist Vivian Campbell won’t play sets with Thin Lizzy when they open for Def Leppard at two shows in Ireland this summer.

The Irishman says his loyalties lie with his “day job” outfit and it wouldn’t be right to pull double shifts on June 7 in Belfast and June 8 in Dublin – so Lizzy are currently looking for a replacement.

Campbell joined Scott Gorham and co after Def Lep singer Joe Elliott recommended him for the job, and says he hasn’t enjoyed playing so much since he was a teenager. But he always knew his time with Phil Lynott’s legacy outfit would end.

He tells Gibson: “It’s been a tremendous pleasure to tour with Thin Lizzy. Playing in a band that meant so much to me in my formative years has really rekindled my passion for the instrument again.

“However, I continue to be fully committed to Def Leppard, and we’re going to be on the road from june, so Lizzy are searching for a replacement.

“They’ve very kindly offered me the opportunity to come back when my schedule with Def Leppard opens up – and I’ll be there in a heartbeat. It would be brilliant to go into the studio with the band. Lizzy’s songs were always guitar-driven, so that would be a tasty proposition.”

Campbell says there was never any question of playing two full sets when Lizzy open for Def Lep, even though fellow guitarist Phil Collen did so when his side project Man Raze played support slots in 2009.

“It would be one thing to play a couple of songs,” Campbell comments, “But I think it would be inappropriate to try to perform two full shows with both bands. My allegiance has to be with Def Leppard. It’s our intention to release full album of new songs in 2010 so we’ll have to be writing as we go this summer.”

Campbell previously said he’d happily bow out of Thin LIzzy if classic-era guitarist Brian Robertson wanted to return. Robbo, who recently released his much-anticipated solo album Diamonds and Dirt, says he’s heard good things about the revamped Lizzy, although he hasn’t seen the band for himself.

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