UPDATE: Tactical cops called to tackle former Kiss guitarist after wife says he hit her then dragged her through glass

Vinnie Vincent

Arrest: Vincent's mugshot

Former Kiss guitarist Vinnie Vincent found himself behind bars last night (Sunday) after he was arrested and charged for aggravated assault.

Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office reports their FAST (Felony Arrest Search Tactical) team were required to tackle VIncent after his wife reported he’d knocked her down four times and dragged her through broken glass.

While investigating the alleged crime scene, officers found four dead dogs on the couple’s property.

The axeman, real name Vincent Cusano, was apprehended on Sunday night by officers of Rutherford County, Tennessee, and held on $10,000 bond. He posted bail and was released this morning.

Deputy Joseph May says: “On Sunday at approximately 6.44pm I responded to the office lobby in reference to a female who was covered in blood and possibly intoxicated. Upon arrival at 6.49 I made contact with Diane Cusano.

“Diane stated to me that she and her husband Vincent Cusano had gotten into an argument about a female he was talking to. She stated Vincent became verbally abusive, swearing and telling her to ‘Get the fuck out of the house”.

“Diane stated that Vincent then smacked her in the face. She stated he grabbed her by the hair and threw her to the ground, then dragged her through a pile of glass from a broken plate. She stated he threw her on the ground a total of four times before he let her get up and she drove to the sheriff’s office.

“During the time I was speaking with Diane, deputies attempted to make contact with Vincent at his residence multiple times, with no answer. Negotiation and FAST teems were activated and dispatched to 101 Woodland Trail. FAST deputies made contact with Vincent Cusano with no incident.

“While at the residence deputies found four sealed containers containing deceased dogs. Animal Services spoke with Diana and were advised the animals had been killed by one of their aggressive dogs.

“Vincent would not make any statement about the incident. Questioning was then stopped. I booked him on charges of aggravated domestic assault.”

Vincent is due to appear in court on June 23 to face the charges.

The guitarist, 58, was known as the The Wiz and the Ankh Warrior when he replaced original guitarist Ace Frehley in Kiss in 1982. He had a tumultuous relationship with the band and was fired the following year, only to be re-hired for two more brief stints in the following years.

He formed Vinnie Vincent Invasion in 1984, which released two albums before splitting in 1988. He put out a solo album in 1996, but has lived a reclusive life since then. His most recent interaction with fans was to take over a forum at their invitation, only to berate them for their comments, say the lack of any new material was their fault, then shut down the forum.

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