Mars says ‘fat chance’ to Motley singer’s retirement comments as guitarist reveals his solo album might feature death metal elements

Mick Mars

Head music: Mick Mars

Motley Crue guitarist Mick Mars has laughed off Vince Neil’s claims that he’s thinking of retiring from the band when their Las Vegas residency ends later this month.

And the guitarist reveals his long-awaited solo album could feature elements of death metal.

Mars is currently appearing with the Crue in the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, with two-hour shows scheduled to take place until February 19.

But he’s convinced Neil won’t act on his recent comments about leaving the band to pursue other projects he might not otherwise find time for.

The guitarist tells Ultimate Classic Rock: “Okay, here’s my answer: Fat chance. That’s a good neutral answer, I think.”

On the contrary, Mars says fans can expect a new album within the next 18 months, along with the much-vaunted movie version of their book The Dirt.

“We’ve got the right producers, the right director, I believe. We’re going to start on that one either late this year or early next year. Then, probably at the same time, a new record. It’ll me like a double-sock in the stomach.”

While he already has a few riffs in mind for their next record, Mars has the rough outline of at least four songs for his own album. But that doesn’t mean he knows exactly how it will sound.

“I don’t want to say it’ll be, like, heavy – but something. I can’t explain it. I know what to do, but I’ve got to find the right way to do it.

“You can add elements of messed up, hard-hard-hard rock, death metal, with this really cool rhythmic stuff going on. I have to keep going on it. I can hear stuff in my head, but whether it’s going to work or not, I don’t know.

“I really want to do something that’s not, ‘Okay, here’s an album by Mick Mars, same boring stuff.’ I want to do something that’s a little to the left.”

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