Out-early Crue singer says he bought his way out of jail, but didn’t… and the sentence was harsh, but wasn’t…

Vince Neil

Confused? Vince Neil

Vince Neil has offered contradictory explanations for his recent drink-driving conviction.

In a sit-down interview with girlfriend and TV presenter Alicia Jacobs, the Motley Crue singer says he didn’t buy his way out of jail, after admitting he did – then says his sentence wasn’t harsh, after last week he said it was.

Neil was freed from Clark County jail after serving 10 days of a 15-day term following his arrest in June last year. He’s currently serving a further 15 days of house arrest, making a total sentence of 30 days, and paid a $585 fine.

The term was handed down after he made a deal to avoid a full trial, which could have seen him given a much more severe punishment.

But he appears confused when he compares it to his 1984 conviction for the DUI incident in which he killed Hanoi Rocks drummer Razzle Dingley and seriously injured two people in another car. He was also given 30 days then.

Neil says: “I paid my debt to society 27 years ago. I did my time and paid an enormous amount of money: two and a half million. But I would have gone to prison if I didn’t, so that’s what I did.”

Then he says: “A lot of people say I bought my way out – but that’s not true.”

Last week he said his latest 30-day sentence was “a bit harsh” and suggested he was being made an example because of his celebrity status.

Now he comments: “Most people would have got two days time served and a $500 fine, so they’d never do any jail time. I got 30 days, and I think that was based on what happened 27 years ago.

But then he adds: “I didn’t do a lot of time then.”

The singer’s apparent confusion could be based on the similarity of his jail sentences while be perceives the offences as being completely different.

He says: “In 1984 I was 23 years old, and now I just turned 50. I was a kid and all of a sudden I had a lot of money and fame, and I let it go to my head. This time I just made a mistake.”

But Neil does seem to be convinced he’s learned his lesson this time, and there won’t be a repeat performance. He says: “It’s not going to happen again. Absolutely not.

“I made the mistake of getting behind the wheel after having some cocktails. It was so easy for me not to do it – I was at a hotel, I had access to limousines, I had access to rooms. But for some reason I decided to drive home, and that was the wrong thing to do.”

Meanwhile, Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee says he’s not interested in the band’s rivalry against Poison, which culminates in the bands touring the US together later this year alongside the New York Dolls. “I’ve never got into that feud,” he explains. “Just go up and bang out your tunes, dude. Who cares about anything else? I really don’t.”

And Rob Zombie has been confirmed as director of the movie based on Crue’s biography The Dirt.

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