Motley frontman hopes to be model prisoner to get out early and admits he’s worried about “unknowns” of serving time

Vince Neil

Lesson learned? Vince Neil's prison mugshot

Vince Neil is behind bars, serving time for his drunk-driving offence in Las Vegas last June – and he admits he’s terrified of the “unknowns” which may arise while he’s jailed.

The Motley Crue singer began serving his 15-day sentence yesterday after a Valentine’s Day dinner with a girlfriend. Ahead of reporting to Clark Country Detention Centre he told “The waiting has been tough. I’m definitely not looking forward to it.

“I’m hoping for an early release – there’s always that chance. There are things I can do that will help take time off. I’ll jump in and volunteer and I’ll be asking myself, ‘What can I do to get some credit?’”

It’s Neil’s second jail term for drunk-driving after having killed Hanoi Rocks drummer Razzle Dingley in 1984. This time he insists he’s learned his lesson, and he’s been man enough to continue appearing in public while he waited to serve his sentence.

“Just because something happened and I have to pay for it doesn’t mean time stands still,” Neil said. “I’m not going to hide from what I did. I’m glad people still want me to be part of their charities.”

After his prison term the singer will serve a further 15 days of house arrest. Motley Crue begin a new series of US live dates at the end of April.

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