Former frontman Hagar says bassist “should have reamed them for it” – as he offers to manage reunited Guns n’Roses

Sammy Hagar

Dealmaker: Sammy Hagar

Sammy Hagar says Van Halen used Michael Anthony’s backing vocals during live shows after they’d sacked him – and the bassist should have sued them for it.

The former frontman, now in Chickenfoot with Anthony, says Eddie Van Halen and co made the move because none of them can do what’s required when it comes to backup singing – especially Eddie’s son Wolgang, who became the band’s new bassist.

Hagar tells Attention Deficit Dilerium: “Those vocal harmonies on the last tour were Mike on tape. Mike should have reamed them for it. Wolfie don’t sing like that and Ed sure as hell don’t.

“Go on the internet and listen to Ed’s voice live from the reunion with me. Hear him song on When It’s Love and some of those other songs. Ed can’t sing – and his voice is shot if he can, from cigarettes and booze, anyway.”

Van Halen are rumoured to be nearing completion on a new album with original singer David Lee Roth – but it’s also been suggested work remains where it stalled nearly two years ago.

Hagar says: “I don’t think they’re ever going to get it together with Dave. They’ve been working on that record for a year and a half or whatever, and they keep postponing it and postponing it.

“I just know that Wolfie, Dave and Ed are not the Van Halen that the world wants to see. To do it with Dave, without Mike, was a horrible decision.

“But those guys haven’t made a good decisions since I left the band.

“It’s not about me – I just think that they really burned Mikey and burned the fans by throwing him out before Dave came back finally.”

When the Red Rocker first joined Van Halen in 19XX he found his bandmates were working under poor contracts and renegotiated everyone’s deals for them.

Now he says he’d like to provide the same services to a reunited Guns n’Roses – if they ever get back together. But he accepts financial issues aren’t what’s keeping them apart.

Hagar says: “They’ve proved again and again and again that it ain’t money. Axl goes out for a lot less money with his version of Guns n’Roses, and Slash goes out for a lot less money with Velvet Revolver or by himself.

“The amount of money they could make if they got it all back together, made a great record and toured the world would probably be as much as the Rolling Stones.

“They could do it. I would manage them – I’d be their manager and make sure they got the right deal from all the promoters. They could be the biggest band in the world if they wanted to.”

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