Hardcore frontman admits “self defence” act went too far, but he spoke to victim afterwards and his apology was accepted

Trapped Under Ice

Apology: Tripp spoke to his victim after the show

Justin ‘Justice’ Tripp of Trapped Under Ice has explained his actions at a show in Germany at the weekend where he was seen beating up a member of the audience.

He admits he took things too far after he fell off the stage and became embroiled with an audience member – but that he met the person in question after show and offered an apology, which was accepted.

Tripp says he fell off the stage and landed badly, finding himself surrounded by the traditional strenuous physical activity near the front of a hardcore band’s audience.

A struggle broke out between the singer and the audience member, which stopped the show as crew dived in to split the pair apart. Tripp returned to the stage and called the fan out, saying: “I’m not a fucking super hero. Don’t jump on me, don’t fucking hit me. If you want to hit me get the fuck up here.”

After a few moments he’d calmed down and called on house security to leave the fan alone, saying: “Let the kid stay – let him stay and enjoy himself. He ain’t got to go nowhere.”

Now Tripp has explained himself in public, saying it took time to make a statement because he didn’t have internet access over the weekend.

The frontman explains: “I’d like to clarify that I didn’t do what I did out of anger – but out of self-defence. When I was knocked off the stage I hit my head and a lot of stuff after that is a blur.

“However, it’s clear I took it too far and I’m sorry for that.

“I’d like to keep his name out of it as I’m not certain if he’s comfortable being named. But I think a lot of people are unaware that at the end of the night I got the chance to apologise to him face-to-face, and he accepted my apology.

“I’m sorry to the other party and I’m sorry to anyone who had to witness my stupid behaviour. It’s not typical behaviour for me or my band – our actions don’t represent the rest of the tour package, so don’t feel discouraged about coming out to the Rebellion tour.”

Trapped Under Ice are third on the package bill after Madball and Born From Vain, and above Wisdom in Chains, All For Nothing and Devil In Me. Four shows remain of the European tour.

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