Hotel staff refused to check whether Jani was still alive – but emergency operator wasn’t interested unless he was dead

Tragedy: Jani Lane

Hotel staff who found Jani Lane’s body refused to check to see if he was still alive, a recording of an emergency call has revealed.

And when the 911 operator passed on a dead body report to another department, the second operator wasn’t interested unless Lane was definitely dead.

The ex-Warrant singer was discovered in a California hotel room on August 11 with a bottle of vodka and prescription pills. He’d split from his wife a few weeks previously, and a note saying “I am Jani Lane” with a friend’s phone number was in his pocket.

Now TMZ has released a recording of the call placed by the hotel receptionist to emergency services.

Operator: What room number is the patient in?

Receptionist: Room 118.

Operator: Room 118. Are you there?

Receptionist: No, I’m calling from the lobby. I work at a the front desk.

Operator: Okay. So what’s the problem? Tell me exactly what happened.

Receptionist: Okay. The housekeeping, when they were about to clean the room, they knocked the room door three times and he didn’t open the door. They finally opened it and one of the housekeeping checked they guy, like, ‘Maybe he’d dead,’ because, his eyes…

Operator: Okay. Do you know about how old, approximately what age the patient is?

Receptionist: Maybe like 50.

Operator: Male or female?

Receptionist: Male.

Operator: So do you know if they’re conscious? You don’t know?

Receptionist: No. Because when we opened the door they didn’t go closer.

Operator: So you guys don’t know what’s going on there?

Receptionist: No, because ––

Operator: You have a defibrillator?

Receptionist: Uh…

Operator: A shock box for the heart. Do you guys have one?

Receptionist: No.

Operator: Okay. Paramedics are on the way, okay? Just stay on the line, I’ll tell you exactly what to do next. Does anybody there know CPR or first aid?

Receptionist: I – no…

Operator: Is there any way you can transfer me to the room? Is there anyone there that’s willing to go into the room and see if we can maybe do CPR? Or do you think the patent has already passed away?

Receptionist: I think passed away, because when they checked the guy, like, his eyes were open and his mouth, he wasn’t breathing.

Operator: Was there an odour? Was he stiff?

Receptionist: The guy? The room? Odour?

Operator: Was there an odour? Did it smell?

Receptionist: No. They didn’t really, like, go inside, so housekeeping think he’s dead.

Operator: Okay, well, tell you what ma’am, if somebody is willing to go there and go check it out, then give us a call, okay? We’re on our way. You don’t have to – but if this person needs help, if we need to do CPR, it would be nice to at least know if we could help him. If not, if he’s passed away, there’s nothing else we can do.

Receptionist: So you want us to go in the room and –

Operator: Well, it’s up to you ma’am. Are you, is someone willing to go in the room, or…?

Receptionist: I could ask. I mean, maybe like chargehand or…

Operator: Is he willing to do it? Is he willing to go in there?

Receptionist: I’ll ask him now.

Operator: I can’t force him to do it, but I’m asking if he’s willing to do it.

Receptionist: I’ll ask him.

Operator: Okay, I’ll be right here.

Receptionist: Okay, hold on.

Operator: Sure.

Receptionist: Other phone is going crazy when I call 911. I can’t stop it.

Operator: Is there any way to transfer me to that room? 118? Will somebody answer?

Receptionist: No. We’ll try.

Operator: Okay. Well, help’s already on the way, okay?

Receptionist: Okay, uh…

Operator: So are you gonna ask to see if he’ll go in there?

Receptionist: Yes, I’m going to call another line, Hold on.


Operator: Hello?

Receptionist: Um… No, nobody wants to do it.

Operator: Okay, well that’s fine then ma’am. Help’s on the way, okay? We’re on our way.

Receptionist: Do you want me to wait, or…?

Operator: No, we’re on our way, okay? We can hang up. We’re on our way. If we can help you with anything else just call us back. Okay?

Receptionist: Okay, thank you.

Operator: Bye-bye.

[Operator places call to another operator and receives a brief holding message]

Voice: You have reached the Los Angeles Police Department. All operators are busy. The next available operator will ––

Operator 2: Emergency operator?

Operator: How are you doing, this is six-nine from across the way. We’ve got a possible DB.

Operator 2: Is it apparent natural?

Operator: We’re not sure yet. You know what, I’m kinda calling you a little premature. I was on the phone with somebody there and they stated they believe the person was passed away and we’re sending rescue to go investigate, uh, cardiac arrest. Nobody knows what’s going on, they guess the gentleman’s been there for a little bit and nobody wants to check on him. It’s about a fifty-year-old male, approximately.


Operator: Not sure if it’s a DB natural. If you want I can call you back.

Operator 2: Wanna do that?

Operator: Sure.

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