Singer songwriter says she’ll take on “hardest band on any stage” because she’s better with emotion than heavy music acts

Tori Amos

Throwdown: Tori Amos

Singer songwriter Tori Amos has issued a challenge to the metal world, calling on the “hardest band on any stage” to attempt to take her down.

She believes her music is more powerful than anything heavy artists bring to the table because of the emotion she puts into her work.

Amos has issued the challenge after reflecting on the fact that former pro wrestler Mick Foley is a fan of her work, and that might surprise people.

She tells Spinner: “Sometimes you don’t know how music affects people. I embrace that because I don’t think that just because I talk about emotional stuff, it’s not motherfucker stuff.

“I’ll stand next to the hardest fucking heavy metal band on any stage in the world and take them down – alone, by myself.

“Gauntlet laid down. See who steps up. I’ll take them down at 48, and they know I will.

“Because emotion has power that the metal guys know is… you just can’t touch it. Insanity can’t touch the should. It’s going to win every fucking time.”

Amos has just completed work on a complete song-cycle which tells the story of an Irish woman whose life comes crashing down in one day, although the narrative spans 3000 years.

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