Surprise reunion show has generated backlash from some quarters, reveals guitarist Morley as singer Bowes hints at solo album plans
By Tony Cottam


Backlash: Thunder

Thunder are astonished that their decision to reunite for a one-off show has angered some fans who thought they’d gone for good.

They’ll be making an appearance at the High Voltage festival in London’s Victoria Park on July 24, just two years after completing their farewell tour. But even though they maintain the show doesn’t herald a full comeback, the reaction from some quarters has been furious.

Guitarist Luke Morley tells Total Rock: “We never actually said we weren’t going to do it again – so I can’t understand why some people are angry with us, as if we misled them. It is a one-off at the moment. What happens after that, well it happens.”

Singer Danny Bowes comments: “We called it a day because it was harder and harder to get everyone together in the same room. I found it hard because I was managing the band and running the label – and I wanted to do something else. So the rest of the band took two weeks then decided not to go on without me.

“To be honest I didn’t realise how much I’d miss it. So we’re doing this show because the nice people at High Voltage asked us. We thought, ‘Yeah, bit of fun, couple of beers – and it’s just up the road. It’s not going to start up again and be what it was.

“We want to enjoy it, and we’d like to think everyone else will as well.”

Bowes also hints he could begin work on a solo album soon – but he doesn’t want to overshadow the work Morley’s doing with his new band The Union.

The singer says: “It was important not to get in Luke’s way, but I do want to sing again. I don’t know anything concrete yet, although I don’t think it’s going to be as rocky as Thunder, because I’ve done that.

“There’s other things I might lend myself to – it could even be a jazz fusion record!”

Meanwhile, Morley reports The Union’s second album is due out at the end of the year: “Recording starts next week, then we’re on a European tour with Triggerfinger, then we’re opening for Whitesnake.

“But I’m looking forward to High Voltage. I’ll get there on the tube with my guitar and busk for beer moony along the way.”

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