Service offers you the chance to have your ashes made into a vinyl record of your choice once you’re gone

And VynylyIf you’d like to keep rockin’ and rollin’ after your death, a company called Andvynyly offers a service you may be interested in: they’ll turn your cremated ashes into a record.

For a fee the UK-based firm will take your earthly remains and add them to a vinyl mix, then press the track of your choice onto the disc.

A spokesman calling himself ‘the Undertaker’ tells “We started about five years ago. The idea came through personal considerations about the inevitable. This was happening at the same time as a drastic reduction in demand for vinyl releases, which are a love of mine.

“I saw a story on an American chap who had his ashes put into fireworks for his family to enjoy – I loved the idea. I began to see that death does need serious consideration, but it could be done in a light-hearted way.

“Our concept provides immortality in sound.”

Andvynyly requires a member of your family to bring your ashes to their pressing plant after you’ve chosen your cover art, approved the audio content then died and been cremated.

The Undertaker says it’s up to you how much of your ashes are added to the disc. “Not much is required,” he says. “Obviously any foreign matter in vinyl would normally be the last thing you want. Of course a little ash will compromise the sound quality and cause pops and crackles – but that’s the point, and proof that you’re in the groove.”

Business is booming, with the firm beginning to place representatives all over the world, although a loved one’s friend or family must travel to the UK to personally attend the process.

“Very recently interest has become phenomenal,” say the Undertaker. We have many serious inquiries and now a few definite customers. The customers are people who have ashes of loved ones who they know would have loved the idea.

“They also own recordings of their loved one’s voice and photo imagery they know they will use.”

Prices start from £3000 for 30 discs with 12 minutes of audio on each side. Additional service include custom-painted portraits, backing tracks, “bespook” composed music – and even the chance to have your disc distributed in record shops worldwide.

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