Queensryche singer insists too much music is based on entry-level sound and says band’s latest record isn’t really an album

Playlist: Tate, centre, with Queensryche

Queensryche frontman Geoff Tate has slated rock and metal fans who don’t like crossover genres are mentally lazy – and too much music in the genre comes out of “boneheaded” concepts.

The band recently released their thirteenth LP, Dedicated to Chaos; but Tate says it’s not really an album, because the format is dead.

The singer tells BraveWords: “It’s more of a playlist than an album. You can put them in any order you want – alphabetically if it works for you.

“The world is moving away from the concept of an album. The whole music industry model has outlived its time.

“It’s a fascinating time to be alive: to be able to comment musically on an event or a thought and immediately have it out there in the world is an incredibly artistic move, and very satisfying.”

Tate says his passion for reinvention has powered much of the material on Dedicated to Chaos, including the track Wot We Do, which employs elements of hip-hop.

Asked if rock fans can handle the leap he tells Classic Rock: “I think they should – rock is pretty much dead. If you look at the numbers it’s definitely not the music of the times any more.

“If it’s going to keep moving bands need to embrace new ideas. There’s a lot of elements to rock which, mentally speaking, are kind of boneheaded.

“Like the whole ‘chunk-chunk-chunk guitar progression: that’s stuff you play when you’re learning the damn thing. You would hope bands would get beyond that.”

Tate isn’t one of those who hark back to the glory days of vinyl, which is one of the reasons Queensryche’s record has been engineered to sound best in headphones.

He says: “People today are plugging in, switching between their iPod and phone, back and forth, listening to music all day long. That’s the way people listen now.

“I don’t miss vinyl and I don’t miss the past much. I love the age we live in: every day there’s something new to wrap your head around. I want to keep embracing new ideas, technology, works of art, literature, films.

“If you stop doing that your brain gets lazy.”

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