Remaining dates on band’s US tour cancelled after drummer Ray, 41, suffers minor attack after concert in Des Moines, Iowa

Roy Mayorga

Recovering: Mayorga in hospital

Stone Sour drummer Roy Mayorga has suffered a minor stroke.

The 41-year-old fell ill after the band played a show in Des Moines, Iowa, at the weekend, but he’s responding well to treatment.

The band have now cancelled the six remaining shows of their current US tour in support of 2010 album Audio Secrecy.

Stone Sour say in a statement.: “It is with regret we’ve decided to cancel. Roy’s doing great and he’s expected to make a 100% recovery. We apologise to all the fans and look forward to getting back out on the road with Roy in the coming months.”

The drummer’s wife later posted a photo of him in hospital and added: “He’s going to be okay – thanks everybody.”

Bassist Shawn Economaki had already bowed out of the tour, citing “personal issues” for his departure.

A stroke occurs when blood supply to the brain is disrupted through blockage or bleeding. Symptoms can include inability to use limbs, difficulty speaking or understanding speech or limited vision. Strokes are the main cause of permanent disability in the US and Europe and the second biggest cause of death worldwide. Minor strokes often go undetected with the victim remaning unaware of the condition.

Taylor is set to rejoin his Slipknot bandmates for their first shows since the death of bassist Paul Gray last year. Opinion is divided on the band’s future: Taylor remains cautious while drummer Joey Jordison insists they’ll record a new album in the near future.

DJ Sid Wilson says of his bandmates’ public disagreement: “I guess it’s just going to depend on how we get along when we’re out on the road, and whether we’re able to talk it out.

“There are things which really don’t have anything to do with the band, and are more about personal issues – we’ve been doing this thing for a while so there’s been a lot of changes in a lot of people.”

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