Band shout down blizzard of rumours about their future – and insist frontman Lewis will return after his solo projects


Don't panic: Staind with former drummer Wysocki

Staind have shouted down rumours they’re about to break up.

The band’s future became the subject of fan speculation after drummer Jon Wysocki left in May. More stories circulated after a documentary about the making of their recent self-titled album appeared to show an outfit dissolving in acrimony.

The success of frontman Aaron Lewis’ country music side project has provided yet more grist to the rumour mill.

But he and guitarist Mike Mushok say Staind have a long future ahead of them – although Lewis will be taking time out to work on his solo projects.

He tells Artisan News: “There’s nothing to found it on. It’s just speculation and our diehard fanbase panicking.”

The band are currently touring Europe and Lewis explains what will happen afterwards: “I go back to doing my solo stuff and filming for my hunting TV show. After Thanksgiving Staind goes out for a couple of weeks.

“Then in January and February I finish up my solo stuff then we start our world tour in February. Then we’re back for a States tour, then back to Europe, then I’ll come back here and do something on the solo side. Then a Staind headlining tour in the States.”

But Mushok accepts the band have to shoulder some of the blame for the rumours after releasing the movie about the making of their seventh album.

He says: “I think the documentary had a lot to do with it. I think there’s been some banter because of what we went through and what we put out there.

“It was definitely a very difficult record to make. We ended up losing our drummer on the way. That wasn’t an easy decision and it wasn’t a quick decision. It didn’t happen overnight – it dragged on for a long time.

“We had a deadline and Aaron had put out a solo record, so he was gone for a long time. It all made for a hard process.

“That becomes difficult, I get in a mood, and it affects everything else in your life. It’s a snowball effect – it was a difficult time.”

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