Apology: Rock News Desk’s report about Megadeth Mustaine’s collapse and hospital dash was inaccurate, his personal assistant proves in statement


Rock News Desk’s story “Megadave’s agony over half-hour show” contained two important inaccuracies regarding Dave Mustaine’s health issues in Russia last week.

We stated that Dave Mustaine collapsed with a kidney stone complaint. We accept that was inaccurate. We stated Dave Mustaine was rushed to hospital. We accept that was completely untrue.

Rock News Desk attempts to deliver a quality service to an audience who demand and deserve accurate rock and metal news. We dropped below the standard we believe to be acceptable in this instance.

RND apologise to Dave Mustaine and all those working with Megadeth who were adversely affected by our poor performance. We also apologise to Megadeth fans for misleading them, and to fans of rock and metal news who were badly served by our drop in quality.


Dave Mustaine’s personal assistant Rikki has posted the following statement in response to news coverage about events in Russia:

Hey everyone,

Time to check in from Oslo, Norway from the European Carnage tour. We’ve got this well oiled machine up and running again and are happy to be back out on the road.

I don’t normally do this, but I want to take this opportunity to address some very serious LIES that are being spread right now. I’m going to say this as emphatically as I can, DAVE MUSTAINE NEVER COLLAPSED IN RUSSIA. Not ON stage, not back stage, not ever. He was NOT rushed to the hospital. Dave addressed his health issues himself, and I have no idea where anybody got the idea that there was a collapse because simply put, it is NOT TRUE. Anybody who was at that show can verify that, and as his personal assistant, as his right hand out here on the road, I want to testify to anybody who doubts it, this never happened. It’s really pathetic that people have to play the telephone game and spread bulls*&t rumors to trump up some fantasy that they have played out in their heads. Please pass the word along to anyone who may say other wise, and to fellow Megadeth fans, and to people who claim to know otherwise. I have never worked for an artist who is so candid and honest with his fans and in the press as Dave Mustaine, and he told you all, in very great detail, exactly what happened to him that day. Kidney stones are quite a normal thing, and extremely painful. There was no lies from him, no covering it up, he was open and honest and still went out on stage and tore it up for his fans. All of us out here are proud and inspired to work for a leader like him who has such a never say die attitude. This is just another smear campaign by some bad tabloid media. Get your facts straight folks, choose your wording very carefully. Something as strongly worded as “collapse” can come across as way more dramatic and blown out of proportion than you may realize. It is very poor form to create worry and panic where there is none needed. You heard it here first: Britney Spears does NOT have 2 heads (though Charlie Sheen, I’m not so sure), Ozzy does not eat bats for breakfast on a daily basis, and Dave Mustaine did NOT collapse in Russia.

Otherwise, this tour is going great. Dave’s not quite 100% yet, but he’s doing well. Thank you all for the well wishes and prayers. Every little bit helps. It’s great to be back out here with our Slayer family and getting to bring this show to the European fans. For me, it’s so great to do these Scandanavian shows early on in the tour. I absolutely love this part of the world and the fans are always so great.

Dave’s book just got released in Finland last week. Dave Mustaine: A Heavy Metal Memoir got released by Paasilinna Publishing and it looks absolutely incredible. We just got the news that the book is going to be released in Germany soon, so I’ll send the details over to our beloved webmaster as soon as I have them.

So thank you, Megadeth fans, for being the best fans in the world, for being so loyal to Dave and Co for all these years, and for helping to set the record straight here. We know the truth, YOU know the truth, and in the scheme of things, none of those other idiots even matter. See you down the road!!

Editorial: Knowledge is power

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