Nikki admits he saw things he shouldn’t have after being declared dead – but kept quiet for fear of ridicule

Nikki Sixx

Fear: Nikki Sixx

Nikki Sixx says he kept quiet for years about his out-of-body experience after being declared dead because he was afraid of being ridiculed.

The Motley Crue bassist overdosed on heroin in December 1987 and was thought to be beyond help, before an ambulance crewman administered two adrenalin shots into his heart.

Sixx later discussed being able to see what was going on around his body during the episode, but admits he was cautious about sharing his story.

He tells CNN: “I saw things I shouldn’t have been able to see. I saw the hotel hallway, the ambulance, the limo that was there. I couldn’t have seen that because there was a sheet over me.

“I kept it to myself for years – people look at you and think you’re a little bit crazy.”

The bassist says the drama, which inspired the Crue song Kickstart My Heart, marked the moment his recovery from addiction issues began. “It wasn’t the end, but it was the beginning of the end,” he reflects. “It takes a while – addiction’s a really hard thing to kick.

“I was on heroin, coke, pills and alcohol, all at once. For me, coming from a broken home and being a teenage runaway, getting success was a hard thing to deal with.”

But now he’s out the other side, Sixx maintains it’s important to talk about what happened to him. “Now I’m a better songwriter and a father of four. I feel pretty centred.

“You have a responsibility to show the world you can get through stuff. The concept behind my photo book is you can get through anything if you want to.”

Asked if he calls himself Sixx because he’s overdosed half a dozen times, he replies: “No – but that’s a good story. Can I use that?”

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