Crue man says he can’t understand why his images are removed while “inappropriate” shots of underagers remain on social site

Nikki Sixx

Confused: Nikki Sixx

Motley Crue star Nikki Sixx has accused Facebook of exercising double standards after they removed some pictures from his page.

The bassist says he’s “confused” because he’s had images he regards as harmless deleted, while “inappropriate”shots of underage kids appear elsewhere on the site without being taken down.

Sixx explains in the Toronto Sun: “I put up a picture of a transgendered man who’s in the process of becoming a woman. He has breasts – so they pulled that and told me, ‘No female nudity.’ I thought, ‘Someone is asleep at the wheel.’

“So I posted the cover of my new Sixx AM single, Lies of the Beautiful People, which has no nudity, but it does have a model with half her face melted off. They deleted that, and told me if I did it again they’d delete my account.

“I reached out to my lawyers and said, ‘I don’t feel it’s fair to stop somebody from trying to spread a positive message – especially when they’re not really manning the ship.’

“It feels like they’re allowing inappropriate photos of very young girls and boys, but they’re telling me I can’t put up a photo of a single that’s on Amazon and iTunes.

“Then I posted some half-naked photos of myself and they don’t seem to have a problem with that. So I’m very confused.”

Sixx says he’s delighted that 200,000 fans posted the single cover as a result of his run-in with the social site’s administrators. Now he’d like to discuss the situation with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg: “I would love to be told I’m wrong about what’s going on. But somebody has to look at the issue and see what’s going on here.

“Maybe Facebook is not the place for art – but maybe it’s also not the place for a version of child pornography either.”

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