Nikki found Cryin’ Like a Bitch funny – and was even more amused when band refused his radio show invitation

Nikki Sixx

Laughter and tears: Nikki Sixx

Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx says he think Cryin’ Like a Bitch, the song Godsmack wrote about him, is funny – and he found it even funnier after the band refused to appear on his Sixx Sense radio show to discuss about it.

Singer Sully Erna last year admitted the track was inspired by Godsmack’s experiences on the 2009 Crue Fest tour. He said: “It’s about certain rock stars who still feel they can push people around even though it’s been 20 years since they had their big moment. There was some rock-star garbage we’d never seen in our career. I felt like, if some people are going to treat other people a certain way, I’m going to to crush you on stage – make sure you look old and fat and go home with a nice paycheck.”

But Sixx tells Revolver he’s not offended: “It made me laugh so hard. I don’t get mad, I actually laugh. I played the song on my radio show and asked the band to come and do an interview with me – and they wouldn’t do it.

“I was told: ‘You know, the guys are really nervous, like, you’re going to come over and start a fight.’ I go, ‘About what?’

“It was like a 14-year-old mentality. Everybody I know was saying, ‘How can you be saying someone’s crying like a bitch when you’re the only one crying?’

“If you’re going to hit somebody, dude, hit them with a two-by-four, not a toothpick. Let’s go big.”

Asked what he thinks of the song, Sixx says: “It was just Godsmack. It was okay – I mean, they’re not the Rolling Stones.”

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