Aleister Wild guitarist Span fails to recover from coma after “anger issues” bassist floored him in argument over gig load-out

Terry Span and Michael Sorden

Tragic: Guitarist Span and bassist Sorden

Aleister Wild guitarist Terry Span has died twelve days after being put in a coma with one punch from his band’s bassist. He was 48.

Bassist Michael Sorden, who was on parole for a violent episode involving shooting at a truck driver, floored Span and put him in a coma during an argument about loading out their equipment after a pub gig in Colorado.

The band’s singer Ernest Munoz told last week how Sorden had first attacked him outside the venue. As he lay on the ground Span stepped in to stop the fight. But Sorden hit him too.

Munoz said: “Blood spattered on my arms and I knew there was something really serious about this.”

He explained the bassist “went down on his knees and started crying and begging for him to get up.”

Doctors had feared Span would suffer permanent injury even if he woke from the coma. A Coroner’s report stated “closed head injury” as cause of death.

Sorden remains under arrest while prosecutors decide whether to file further charges.

Aleister Wild released two albums, Autumn’s Wrath in 1996 and Child’s Play in 2000. Span had been a member since 1990 and had spearheaded a new lease of life for the band after completing seven trips to entertain US troops serving abroad.

The Dean Guitars endorsee said: “It’s such an overwhelming experience when you realise just how much of an impact you have on the audience, knowing what they do for us back home.

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