Gene spits out “all men are same” excuse for hurting girlfriend – then takes credit for Gaga and McCartney shows

Gene Simmons

Family Guy: Simmons with girlfiend Shannon and kids Sophie and Nick

Kiss mainman Gene Simmons admits things are still “touch and go” after long-time girlfriend Shannon Tweed finally said she’d had enough of his womanising.

But he insists it’s not his fault – because all men are the same.

The drama is being played out on his reality TV show, Gene Simmons Family Jewels, but has spilled into promo interviews for the series.

Tweed finally snapped after finding a photo of him with some young women. When he told a reporter, “I don’t know them,” she said: “He means he doesn’t know their names.”

He’s accepted he has to change his ways – but won’t take the blame for behaving the way he has.

Simmons tells Lehigh Valley Music: “It’s touch and go.

“Women are basically living with Jekyll and Hyde when it comes to men. Men are always on their best behaviour for women so they don’t see what’s under a man’s skin: testosterone.

“The tendency of guys is to do all kinds of stuff that pisses off women. When they peel off the outer skin of the snake, they get the snake – and that’s not easy to take.

“I try to be a good boy but it ain’t easy. How about if you’re on a strict no-sugar no-carbs diet, but every time you go to sleep you’re sleeping in a bakery? You can smell the cinnamon and the chocolate – it’s all around you.

“It’s really tough. You’re not even going out to clubs looking for it – it knocks on your door and scratches outside your door throughout the night.”

Simmons denies the entire storyline is a work of fiction designed to improve the show’s viewing figures. “If you’re going to ruin your life to get ratings, that’s not a good idea. I don’t care about that.”

The latest series also showed the bassist and singer visiting the grave of his father in Israel, which he says was another difficult experience for him.

“It was good for me,” he reflects. “Guys aren’t introspective: we’re get up, we’re hungry, we eat. You don’t confront issues that are still with you.

“My father ran out on us when I was about seven years old, and I never looked back. I never went back to Israel or anything. I just did the stuff I do – get up, eat, sleep. But that doesn’t mean it’s not there, and it was good to confront it.”

Simmons expands on his statement that the way to bring up good children is to avoid giving them the opportunity to be bad.

Talking about his son Nick and daughter Sophie, he says: “You can’t negotiate with kids. It’s just, ‘These are the rules, that’s it.’

“Approach it the way Mother Nature does. She looks at babies and says, ‘I know you don’t know anything, but if you put your hand in this fire I’m going to burn the shit out of your hand.’ ‘But I’m a baby – I didn’t know.’ ‘Oh well, tough. Now you do.’

“My kids’ job is to do well in school and be charming. That’s it.”

But there’s still time for Simmons to showcase his larger-than-live Demon character as he takes credit for inspiring all musical acts which put on powerful stage shows.

“We’re the ones who changed the live concert experience, period. Whether you see Gaga or McCartney or anybody else live, and they’re using pyro and effects – where do you think that comes from? The Oak Ridge Boys?”

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