Dance Gavin Dance’s Jonny admits his drug-induced behaviour was “inexcusable” and he’ll pay everyone back what he stole from them

Jonny Craig

Apology: Craig

Jonny Craig of Dance Gavin Dance and Emarosa has apologised to the fans he stole money from in a laptop scam designed to fuel his drug addictions.

The shamed singer’s actions were revealed two weeks ago when a number of people compared notes and realised he’d taken between $400 and $600 from them in return for a computer which he never delivered. It’s thought he stole around $8000 from around 40 people.

Last week his record label and management persuaded Craig to check into rehab, and promised fans they’d get their money back. Now Craig himself has said sorry, and underlined that he’ll be covering the costs in the end.

He says: “I want to apologise for my recent behaviour. My actions in taking advantage of fans was inexcusable. My state of mind was completely shot and my decision-making skills were heavily impaired through my drug use.

“I’m embarrassed by my actions and I want to make amends to everyone I hurt. I’m in the process of paying everyone back. Please forgive me.

“I’ve since been in detox and successfully completed the treatment. I’ve learned a lot from this ordeal and realised I have a second chance.

“I want to thank Eric at Artery Managament and Craig at Rise Records for helping me through this emotionally and financially.”

Craig adds that he hopes he can put the episode behind him, and is looking forward to the upcoming Dance Gavin Dance tour: “The past will stay dead, and let’s toast to the future, kids.”

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