Byford had talks about changing song name on upcoming album over its similarity to “best” track on The Final Frontier


Second thoughts: Byford was persuaded

Biff Byford came close to changing the name of a song on upcoming album Call to Arms – because he was concerned about its similarity to what he thinks is the best track on Iron Maiden’s 2010 record The Final Frontier.

Saxon had already written Mists of Avalon when Bruce Dickinson’s outfit released their LP containing the track Isle of Avalon.

And Byford took a little persuasion not to change his plans.

He says: “It’s a song about Excalibur. We had the idea months ago when we were rehearsing.

“Then the Iron Maiden album came out and it’s got Isle of Avalon – and it’s probably the best track on the album.

“I had a few discussions with the record company and different people about our song. I did change the title to Excalibur.

“But basically people said to me, ‘Don’t be stupid. Call it Mists of Avalon.’ So we did.”

Saxon’s 19th studio album includes two tracks written for a science fiction horror movie called Hybrid Theory, which tells the story of a group of British soldiers who find themselves fighting aliens.

Byford says: “We’d never done anything specifically for films before but now we have two: When Doomsday Comes and No Rest for the Wicked. That’s an ironic title because a lot of people get slaughtered in the film.”

Call to Arms features two versions of its title track. The singer explains: “We wrote it as it is on the album. Later we had an orchestra score made for it and it sounded so great we put it on the album as well so people can make their mind up which one they like.”

And the band enjoyed the creation process so much they even wrote a song about making the album: “It’s been a great buzz,” Byford says. “I made up the phrase Chasing the Bullet about rushing to get it finished.”

Call to Arms was produced by former Little Angels and Gun singer Toby Jepson and is available now.

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