On-air presenters call cops after listener logs into their show’s live chatroom and threatens to go on a shooting rampage

Two rock DJs were last night praised for their quick action after calling cops when a listener logged into their show’s chatroom and threatened to go on a killing rampage.

Trevor Fenton and Pat Ryan were hosting their show on Hard Rock Radio Live, based in Ontario, Canada, and taking requests via the chatroom as a user logged in with the name “Watch_The_ National_new_tomorrow_I_am_going_to _go_a_shooting_spree”.

He asked for the Megadeth track Killing is My Business… and Business is Good, saying it was “good music to go postal & kill a bunce of people to” [sic].

Ryan played the request in the hope of keeping the person online while Fenton called the police and helped an officer identify the user via his computer’s IP address.

FBI agents tracked the address to a public library in Wisconsin and later arrested a 44-year-old man, David Lefever. He has two previous convictions for unlawful use of technology and one citation for unlawful use of a telephone.

DJ Ryan tells the Vancouver Sun: “We had to take that threat seriously. We couldn’t ignore him. It could have been a prank – but if he was serious and something happened, I wouldn’t have been able to live with myself.

“It was a huge relief that he was arrested this quickly. People, especially online, need to take these kind of threats seriously when they see them and contact the authorities.”

Sergeant Pat DeWall of Appleton Police Department says: “In the day and age we’re living in, any time there are threats like that we need to take them seriously. Even if this person doesn’t have a violent past, you have to always assume the worst and hope for the best.”

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