Kirk Hammett tells how Lou “took both guitarists out” with one lyric as the thrash giants recorded secret collab album

Heartbreaking: Loutallica

Lou Reed reduced Metallica men James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett to tears with just one line from a song, says the thrash lead guitarist.

The band recently revealed details of the album they recorded with art-rock icon Reed in May, following both parties’ enjoyment of playing a live show together two years ago.

The record is called Lulu and it’s based on Reed’s reworking of a musical he’d written, inspired by German playwright Frank Wedekind’s material from the early 1900s.

But when it came to laying down the song Junior Dad, half of Metallica found themselves overcome with emotion when they heard the lyric “Say hello to Junior Dad, the greatest disappointment – age withered and changed him.”

Hammett tells Pulse of Radio: “I had just lost my father three or four weeks previously. I had to run out of the control room and I found myself standing in the kitchen, sobbing away.

“James came into the kitchen in the same condition, sobbing too. It was insane. Lou managed to take out both guitar players in Metallica in one fell swoop with his amazing poetic lyrics.”

Hetfield recently appeared in a documentary movie called Absent, talking about how he’d had to deal with his dad abandoning his family when he was just 13.

Lulu is set for release on October 31.

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