Croucier would love to rejoin but insists playing to 12 people in local clubs is better than facing band politics

Juan Croucier

Croucier: Proud of the product, pained by the politics

Original Ratt bassist Juan Croucier says he’d love to return to the band but can’t – because they’re stupid and their political issues are unbearable.

The Sunset Strip sleaze stars returned in 2010 with acclaimed album Infestation, featuring Robbie Crane in Croucier’s place. Despite the success of the release, the band are now on hiatus with singer Stephen Pearcy saying he’s not sure if he wants to return and drummer Bobby Blotzer having recently slated Pearcy in public.

Now Croucier tells Guitar International: “I’d love nothing more than to be in Ratt. I love what we did and I helped build the band. Why would I walk away from something that successful to play local clubs for a dozen people? I’m being honest here.

“But we just couldn’t reach an agreement. We had a lot of issues with alcohol abuse and personal issues. It’s one thing to have them when you’re a young man in your twenties, but it’s entirely different in your mid-forties.

“If we can do things intelligently, treating each other with respect, then I’m interested. But the collective intelligence of the band is not that high. I hate that – but that’s what’s prevented us from utilising Ratt to its fullest extent.”

Croucier says working on songs in the outfit’s heyday was difficult because the focus was on who’d written material rather than how good it was.

He explains: “For a typical LP I’d present more demos than the other members combined. But with the politics they’d cherrypick one or two songs to allow them to include their own. I believe the strongest songs should go on the record regardless of who writes them.

“Stephen wasn’t the easiest guy to work with. He refused collaboration – his version was taking your songs home to make any changes he wanted. It made for an uncomfortable position, to put it lightly.”

The bassist is currently working with his new band Dirty Rats which plays a set of his older material, and is considering releasing some of the songs which never made it onto the 80s outfit’s albums.

Meanwhile, drummer Bobby Blotzer has tried to clarify the explosive statements he made last week.

He claimed Pearcy was playing solo shows to empty rooms and raged: “I’m tried of rolling a snowball uphill to build a snowman. I’m sick of the lies and deception from the whole lot of them in this band.”

Now he reports: “I understand the messages of frustration coming from the internet since I threw out the first volley from my own frustration. I drew in a lot of misunderstanding and speculation.

“I want you to know that I simply want Ratt to continue year in and year out, making great music and celebrating rock’n'roll with our fans. Regardless of any drama I want you to know Ratt is alive and well. We’re just figuring out which flavour to frost the cake with.”

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