Lamb of God frontman Blythe dispels rumours about his band’s ways and mean and warns wannabes: “It ain’t that way”

Lamb of God

Harsh reality: Lamb of God

Lamb of God frontman Randy Blythe has issued a warning to those who believe he and his band are rich – and adds that he’s not a rock star either.

The singer, who’s also launched a campaign to run for president of the USA, has answered a series of fan questions in which he explains some of the realities of life as a full-time musician.

Blythe tells The Merch Dude: “Folks think that everyone in a professional band sleeps on mattresses made out of hundred-dollar bills and just sits back chilling when they aren’t on tour, spending all their free time screwing models and cashing massive royalty cheques.

“I got bad news for the kids who want to try and do this thing for a living – it ain’t that way.

“Stop watching Cribs on MTV, get in a van, go out on the road, and try doing this for a while. It’s a quick and bitter educational experience.

“While I make a pretty good living out of being in a band, I am one of the few. And it sure as hell didn’t happen overnight.”

Blythe has also moved to dispel any notion of him being a rock star. He explains: “I live in a smaller city where no one gives a fuck about how famous or whatever I have become. Most people here know me as the guy who used to be a cook or dishwasher in the local bar.

“I have zero desire to impress anyone – I’m a 40-year-old man, not a 16-year-old kid, like a lot of these dicks start to act once a few people start to recognise them in line at the Starbucks or whatever.

“I let my music speak for itself, and I think at times it can be pretty impressive. Me buying a new car and fronts for my teeth is not impressive. What do I need a three-hundred-dollar pair of jeans for when I can get killer used cargos for twenty dollars? I’d rather spend my money on books and music.”

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