US artist Ben recycles band t-shirts into soft furnishings and believes: “Even the beasts of metal need a warm blanket”

Stitch this: One of Venom's works

Artist Ben Venom is making a name for himself by turning old metal t-shirts into quilts.

He first started collecting garments from friends and eBay last year, from which he produced his first creation entitled Listen to Heavy Metal While You Sleep. It took him three months to stitch everything together.

His most recent work, See You On the Other Side, is currently being exhibited at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco – it took him five months to complete, measures 13 by 15 feet and incorporates 125 shirts including Motorhead, Suicial Tendencies, Kreator and Anthrax merchandise.

One art critic has described Venom’s work as “awesome: a canny fusion of craft traditions already present in metal subcultures.”

Venom says: “I’m interested in juxtaposing traditional handmade crafts with one of the more extreme musical genres: heavy metal.

“My work can be described as a collision of Iron Maiden metal ballads with the outrageous stage antics of Ozzy Osbourne. Serious, yet attempting to take on a B-movie horror film style.

“Even the beasts of metal need a warm blanket to sleep with.”

The self-taught artist has also turned his hand to embroidered metal-inspired clothing and soft furnishings.

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