Blink 182 drummer Travis reveals how he nearly lost foot, hand and sanity in 2008 tragedy that took four lives

Travis Barker

Near death experience: Travis Barker

Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker has revealed the extend of his injuries in the 2008 plane crash which killed four people.

A Learjet carrying Barker and his friend DJ-AM ran off a South Carolina runway on takeoff, killing its entire crew and seriously injuring the two survivors.

At the time of the accident doctors reported he’d sustained second and third degree burns. But now he’s explained he faced the possibility of having a foot amputated, couldn’t use his left hand and found it difficult to control his mental state.

Barker tells Rolling Stone: “No one really thought I’d be able to play drums after all the surgeries and everything. That was always on my mind.

“It was sketchy – I came a long way. Mentally I was a basket case. It took a big amount of time to get off the 20 medications they had me on, then getting into physical shape was heavy.

“But once I was back in the studio it was like, ‘I can walk now, and I can still play the drums. So I have to finish my solo album.”

DJ AM died of an overdose in 2009, which Barker says was a setback in his own recovery from the crash: “Me and AM would always speak – we were a support system for each other. When he died it was hard for me to even move around.”

The record is called Give the Drummer Some and features collaborations with Slash, Tom Morello and others. Then in June Blink 182 will release their first album after getting back together.

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