Rare God Save the Queen disc worth £8000 say experts, as campaigners aim to make song No.1 for royal wedding

God Save the Queen

Protest: Royal wedding takes place next week

Rare copies of the Sex Pistols’ single God Save the Queen are the most valuable of all time, say vinyl experts.

The seven-inch record was produced by A&M Records in 1977, but the punk icons were dropped by the label before its release and almost all discs were destroyed.

The few which survived are worth £8000 each, says Record Collector magazine, topping a list of the 51 best investments for collectors.

The magazine says: “All of us have kicked ourselves for failing to snap up cheap records which were later worth fortunes. But those opportunities are still out there – if we know what to buy.”

The second most-valuable single is the Beatles’ Please Please Me at £3500, while a copy of the Rolling Stones’ self-titled debut is worth £1000. But outside the general market, individual records can make much more: a copy of an unreleased 1965 single called Do I Love You by Frank Wilson make £25,742 in 2009.

God Save the Queen includes the iconic lyric “no future,” which became a slogan for the British punk movement in the late 1970s. The Virgin edition of the Pistols single reached number two in the official UK charts but was banned from airplay because of its content and the fact it was released at the time of Queen Elizabeth II’s silver jubilee. It’s always been suspected the single actually reached number one, but the chart was fixed to suppress further media coverage.

Meanwhile, a group of online campaigners are aiming to see the track hit the number one spot next week, on the weekend of Prince William’s royal wedding.

Organisers say on their Facebook page: “On April 29 two unremarkable and slightly boring people will marry in a ceremony that will cost us millions. Getting God Save the Queen to number one will change nothing – but it’ll be a little bit of defiance in the face of complete sycophancy in the UK media, and a total lack of balance throughout the news who haven’t once even considered that many millions find the whole thing annoying or downright offensive.”

Around 9000 people have signed up – if each of them actually purchase the single from chart-registered download outlets before midnight tomorrow night, the campaign will succeed.

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