Schon slams rumours of bad blood with Steve – and says ex-singer can make guest appearance any time he wants

Open door: Perry

Former Journey singer Steve Perry is welcome to guest with his old band any time he likes, says Neal Schon.

And the guitarist rejects any suggestion of bad blood between the frontman and the outfit he split from in 1987 then again in 1998, following a brief reunion.

But there’s no chance of Perry’s permanent return – and Journey are sure he wouldn’t want to anyway.

Schon tells Artisan News: “There were so many rumours going around that I hated him, and I kicked him out the band, and this and that.

“The last time I saw him or even spoke to him was in 2005 when we received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. I made sure people saw me asking him right there: ‘If you ever feel like you’d like to come on stage, it’s always an open door.

“There’s no pressure and we’re not trying to get you back in the band – but if you just feel like having a blow, it’s there.”

Keyboardist Jonathan Cain underlines Perry won’t be back full-time: “He really sealed the deal back in 1998. He said, ‘Don’t expect anything from me because we’re done.’ I know he keeps his word and I know he’s quite happy with the life he has. And his legacy is already there.”

The singer was replaced by Steve Augeri, then later by Jeff Scott Soto and most recently by Arnel Pineda.

Cain says: “Steve Augeri was a tremendous team player, then Jeff stepped up and helped out. But his sound wasn’t for us, and later on I think his personality wasn’t for us.”

Schon adds: “Arnel is totally down, and such a humble human being, that he would be overjoyed if Steve wanted to walk on stage and sing with us.

“He’s not just saying that, then walking in another room and saying something else.”

Journey’s fourteenth album and their second with Pineda, Eclipse, was released in May.

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