Guitarist says his absence from studio session is no big deal as band promise they’ll work around Tyler’s TV schedule

Joe Perry has slated claims that he’s set to quit Aerosmith after he failed to appear for the band’s first full songwriting session in a decade.


No one leaves: Aerosmith

Last week the band gathered without their lead guitarist to commence work on their long-awaited new album. Ahead of the session singer Steven Tyler had used the media to appeal to Perry to attend the session.

He didn’t appear – but now he says it was just because he had previous engagements.

Perry explains: “I am in Aerosmith. I’m not going anywhere. It was only an eight-day writing session that got blown out of all proportion. I had plans I couldn’t get out of – but Aerosmith and I will be writing in the spring.

“It’s all rumours. Aerosmith is my band: Tom Hamilton and I formed it in 1969 and it’s the five of us. We’re brothers and we’ve all been texting back and forth since the tour ended.”

Perry has also commented on continued stories of a rift between himself and Tyler, reporting: “Steven and I text all the time. He’s my brother in arms – everything else is just bullshit.”

Meanwhile, bassist Hamilton says the writing session with creative partner Marty Frederiksen went well, and the band are determined to work around Tyler’s commitments as a judge on TV gameshow American Idol.

“We came up with the makings of some great songs,” Hamilton explains. “It was good to have ten days of intense quality time – we got to shut out the world and just be our musical beings for twelve hours each day.

“It was a good start in terms of finding ways to work around Steven’s TV schedule. We’ll be ready to pounce every time he gets a break.”

And it seems the singer’s new job has been a boon for the band, just as he’d predicted: sales of Aerosmith’s 1994 best-of album Big Ones have increased by over 250% since American Idol began airing in January. On top of that, digital sales of some of their best-known singles have also jumped up.

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