Lars hears great things from people he trusts… and insists Metallica’s success gives them freedom to do what they want

Lars Ulrich

Freedom: Lars Ulrich

Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich says the opinions of the people he trusts have been positive on Lulu, his band’s collaboration with Lou Reed.

And he believes his success means he’s entitled to do anything he likes musically, without any other reason than wanting to do it.

Ulrich tells Wikimetal: “The freedom of being in Metallica, the success of Metallica, affords us to do these types of things. It’s only in interviews six months later, all of a sudden you have to figure out ‘why’.”

The drummer refuses to offer “a bullshit answer” and instead explains: “I never asked ‘Why?’ Lou Reed says, ‘Hey, do you wanna make a record together one day?’ ‘Okay.’ I don’t think it has to be more complicated than that.”

Despite the near-universal panning from rock critics and thrash fans, Ulrich maintains Lulu was worthwhile. “It’s definitely very unique, whether in a good way or in a not-so-good way,” he says. “The people whose opinions I trust say it’s very good.

“Metallica lives and breathes on being able to do these types of things. We have to do these things to keeps us alive. I know some people would like Metallica to make the same record every two years, but that’s not what I want Metallica to do. I’m not interested in that.”

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