Daisley reveals he has stacks of unheard Randy Rhoads material, but won’t let Ozzy and Sharon cheat him over it

Blizzard of Ozz

Deleted: Daisley, left, with Blizzard of Ozz

Original Ozzy Osbourne bassist Bob Daisley has a hoard of unheard recordings featuring tragic guitarist Randy Rhoads – but he refuses to allow the Osbournes to badger him into a cut-price deal for releasing them.

Daisley accuses the celebrity couple of “rewriting history” and cites the example of his own removal from re-releases of the first two Ozzy solo albums. Manager Sharon Osbourne had his parts and those of drummer Lee Kerslake replaced with new recordings when Blizzard of Ozz and Diary of a Madman were republished in 2002.

The bassist tells BraveWords: “When Sharon and Ozzy tell the story, they both try to rewrite history. It’s inaccurate and it’s not how it happened.

“To start, Ozzy said Sharon used to come to the pub with us when we were doing the first record. But she wasn’t even there – it’s a long way to come from LA, as that’s where she was living. She had nothing to do with the first record; Ozzy was still married to Thelma at the time, and she used to come to the pub.”

But Daisley says fans will have to wait to hear the whole story: “Lee and I were not consulted – you’re not going to get us in it as the Osbournes are involved.

“There were four people in that band and it was the chemistry of those four people that made it what it was.

“Ozzy’s career would have been washed up because he’d lost a lot of credibility for being unreliable with Black Sabbath. Randy couldn’t get arrested in America with his band at the time. Lee couldn’t get his band off the ground and I was worried my career was over. So the four of us came together and helped each other.

“All this crap about Randy Rhoads single-handedly saving Ozzy’s career – he didn’t. All due respect and credit to Randy, who was nothing short of amazing, but it took four people to make those albums. A band recorded those albums and that band was called the Blizzard of Ozz.”

Rhoads died in a plane crash on tour with the band in 1982, and Daisley says he has rehearsal and performance tapes from the time the band were together which fans would love to hear.

He believes the 30th anniversary of the albums would have been a perfect time to make them public. But he couldn’t reach a deal with the Osbournes – although the original Daisley and Kerslake tracks were returned for the anniversary releases.

“I have Ozzy singing and Randy playing,” the bassist explains. “The quality is not bad, but not studio quality. But it’s a legal issue with somebody’s performance – you have to get them to sign off.

“All Sharon wanted to do was to buy everything for a measly sum then release it. I said, ‘No way, this stuff’s gold. Do it my way, meaning I get a royalty this time.’ I should have always got a royalty.

“They would’t do it. So I said, ‘I’m not handing it over to you to make a fortune.’ The main reason was they could have edited it and taken us out again – go about rewriting history again.

“Fans would love this stuff – it’s too bad. But they want you to believe Ozzy and Randy did everything.”

Former Black Sabbath singer Osbourne has insisted he had no knowledge of the 2002 re-releases without the original rhythm section tracks, saying his wife had done it without consulting him and he wouldn’t have allowed it if he’d known.

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