Randy Blythe sub-genre blast, Neal Schon in love triangle plus Beatles, Pink Floyd, Megadeth, Status Quo, Van Halen and Mastodon

Randy Blythe

Wheel anger: Randy Blythe

Lamb of God frontman Randy Blythe is furious over the naming of sub-genres of metal, saying they’re all attempts to disguise lack of creativity.

Asked what he thinks of the djent movement he says: “The stupidest name yet for another genre. If you call yourself ‘djent’ cap yourself now. There is no such fucking thing as djent. It’s not a genre. I’m sorry, it’s stupid as fuck.

“All this bullshit – deathcore, djentcore and fucking can’t-play-in-real-life-but-can-on-a-computer-core. It’s just a name. People can call themselves whatever they want. It’s fucking heavy metal.

“This sub-classifying shit is a pathetic attempt to say that you are reinventing the wheel. You’re not. It’s fucking heavy metal. Get over it.”

* * * * *

Journey guitarist Neal Schon has become embroiled in a love triangle with the stars of a reality TV show.

Tareq Salahi and his wife Michaele became famous for gatecrashing a White House party in 2009. Last week he reported her missing from their Viginia home – but police found her with Schon in Tennessee and she told them she was there of her own free will.

A Journey spokesperson confirmed the guitarist and Salahi were “together”, and Mr Salahi has since filed for divorce, citing adultery and abandonment.

* * * * *

A Beatles performance contract up for auction records the band’s objections to playing to crows split by race in the 1960s.

The document, binding the Fab Four to play at California’s Cow Palace on August 31, 1965, states the band are “not to be required to perform in front of a segregated audience.” It guarantees them a $40,000 fee for the show and includes requirements for a “drumming platform” for Ringo Starr and 150 uniformed police officers to be in attendance.

The contract goes on sale at a Los Angeles auction on September 20 when it’s expected to raise over $5000.

* * * * *

Pink Floyd mainman David Gilmour has been ordered to demolish a bike shed on his land because neighbours think it’s an eyesore.

The yellow beach hut sits at the seafront near Hove on the south coast of England, but it’s inside a conservation area, meaning he should have applied for permission to build it.

Brighton and Hove Council have told Gilmour to pull the construction down by October 1, saying: “Failure to comply with that means either prosecution, or the council may remove the hut and charge the householder.”

* * * * *

Dave Mustaine wants ten guitarists to beta-test his upcoming iOS app, which will teach people how to play Megadeth tracks.

He explains: “You don’t have to be good. You just need a guitar and an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. And most importantly, you need to want to shred like Megadeth.”

The app is described as a “completely interactive educational programme”.

* * * * *

Status Quo are working on a documentary movie called Hello Quo! to be released at some point next year. The film is being directed by Alan G Parker.

* * * * *

Van Halen have signed a record deal with Columbia, bringing to an end their 35-year relationship with Warner Bros.

It’s another move towards the release of their hotly-anticipated new album with David Lee Roth. The band have still said nothing about the project, but Alter Bridge guitarist Mark Tremonti recently reported he’d heard the material and called it “vintage Van Halen.”

* * * * *

Mastodon’s Troy Sanders says his band aren’t trying to cash in on fans’ faith by releasing limited-edition versions of their albums.

He explains: “We always to a limited deluxe because we do have a handful of people who want to have everything. A lot of people think the deluxe stuff is only a cash-grab, but in our opinion that’s not the case. I only buy the $50 version of things from bands that I truly love and I really want to own.

“That’s why we only make a small run of those things, for those who wish to have that. If you just want to hear the fourteenth song you can simply buy that digitally for a dollar.”

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