Osbourne’s bid to join Slipknot, more Loutallica details, Sebastian Bach on marriage and Axl Rose, Kinks for kids and more

Lulu cover

Revelations: Loutallica's Lulu cover

Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor has told of Ozzy Osbourne’s bid to join his band when they were introduced to each other.

Taylor was backstage at a show with Ozzy’s wife Sharon and son Jack when the Prince of Darkness entered the catering area and joined them.

“This was insane and it came out of nowhere,” Taylor reports. “I was like, ‘Oh my God!’ and he goes, ‘Slipknot! I want to be Number 10!’

“And I went, ‘Any time you want!’”

* * * * *

Metallica and Lou Reed have revealed more details of their collaboration album, Lulu, due out on October 31.

They’ve named four tracks in addition to the four they’d previously listed. The currently known titles are Brandenburg Gate, Frustration, The View, Cheat On Me, Junior Dad, Little Dog, Mistress Dread and Pumping Blood.

* * * * *

Sebastian Bach says his comments about the Internet being involved in the break-up of his marriage were made in jest – although he admits they weren’t funny.

The former Skid Row singer explains: “Nobody was responsible for the demise of my marriage except me. Sometimes I say things in interviews because I’m trying to make you laugh, or trying to be funny. But some things aren’t funny.”

He’s apologised to his ex-wife and current girlfriend for saying: “It takes a strong girl to be with a rock’n'roller, or a girl who can’t work a computer.” He adds: “I shouldn’t have said that and I should own up to being a jerk. That’s reality. I shouldn’t blame others for the things I do – I should take responsibility for the things I do.”

He also regrets not being able to get Guns n’Roses mainman Axl Rose to make a guest appearance on his new solo album.

“He was going to sing on Kicking and Screaming,” Bach says. “He goes, ‘Hey, Baz, what’s the last day I can sing on your record?’ And I gave him a date, and that day came and went. So maybe we’ll get him on the next one. Who knows?”

* * * * *

Kinks frontman Ray Davies has written a musical to be performed by school pupils, based on his band’s songs.

Children from the John Ruskin School in Cumbria, England, performed Child’s Play for the first time yesterday in London. The story follows three couples from different social classes living through recent events including the death of Princess Diana and the world financial meltdown.

The producers say Davies’ musical “provides a commentary on the aspirations and disappointments through the decades of modern Britain.”

* * * * *

Rolling Stone Keith Richards has helped an ailing radio station get back on air by donating £3000 to their emergency fund.

Angel Radio, based on the Isle of Wight, called for aid after their transmitter was damaged in a storm in July.

Richards has a home in the station’s broadcast area but it’s not known if he heard their plea for help himself. A cheque was sent from his accountant.

Station director Bev Webster says: “I opened the envelope and nearly had a heart attack. It said it was a donation from Keith Richards. We looked at one another and said, ‘Could it be the Keith Richards? Is there any other Keith Richards?”

Angel Radio, which is not allowed to sell advertising and so relies on listener donations to survive, sent a letter of thanks to the musician after confirming the cash had come from him.

* * * * *

The estate of Elvis Presley is suing the star’s German record label for $9m in unpaid royalties dating back to 2002.

Arista Music is accused of withholding money generated from ringtones, download and app sales based on the King’s back-catalogue.

It’s also been accused of exploiting Elvis when, in 1973, it cut a deal which meant he was only paid $10 a year for resales of 1000 recordings.

In German copyright law contracts can be rewritten if the terms are held to have been unreasonably disproportionate. Over 10% of Elvis’ worldwide sales come out of Germany.

Label owners Sony have not commented.

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