Ozzy fuels Sabbath rumours plus Exodus, Who, Nevermore, Indiana stage collapse and Decca’s chance to make up for Beatles mistake

Out of sight: Ozzy

Ozzy Osbourne was notably absent at the premiere of his documentary movie last night – fuelling rumours he’s in England working with the original lineup of Black Sabbath.

God Bless Ozzy Osbourne was shown in Hollywood at a charity event for MusiCares, and while his son Jack, who filmed and produced the movie, was there, the star of the show wasn’t.

Daughter Kelly Osbourne said: “My dad is doing something that is very, very exciting. But I don’t know if I’m allowed to tell you. He’s just finished a tour but he’s doing something very exciting.”

Jack said: “I can neither confirm or deny who he is with or where he is.”

* * * * *

Gary Holt of Exodus says his band’s set at the UK’s Bloodstock festival was cut short because of the way Hammerfall’s sound tech adjusted the mixing desk.

The guitarist explains: “We had huge problems because he rearranged the entire input list. You just don’t do that at festivals.

“You’re not headlining. You’re actually playing under us. So do your job right. They made it difficult for everybody.”

But he adds: “I’ve nothing against them musically – I think they’re a great band.”

* * * * *

Pete Townshend says he can’t rattle off songs the way he used to because he feels pressure to move in new directions rather than stick to any formula.

The Who guitarist expains: “I just wish when I walk down to my studio I could sit at my piano and be able to organise my thoughts, pull out one of the sheets of lyrics I’ve got, finish a song, record it and put it on an album. But it’s not how life is today.

“When I stray into familiar territory I feel uneasy – I feel I’m not breaking new ground. That’s bad; I’m expected to break new ground.”

* * * * *

Drummer Van Williams says Nevermore frontman Warrel Dane’s comment about him proves he was right to quit the band.

Dane recently spoke out about Williams’ departure along with guitarist Jeff Loomis, saying: “I couldn’t give a shit about the drummer; we never got on anyway.”

Now the sticksman says: “It’s unfortunate to hear that after all we’ve been through. But it just verifies that I made the right decision. And so I move on. I wish ‘the singer’ all luck in his future endeavours.”

* * * * *

The death toll from the Indiana State Fair stage collapse has reached seven after 24-year-old Meagan Toothman’s life support was switched off. She’d been in a coma for nine days.

He family say: “Late on Sunday night it became apparent that our Meagan was no longer with us. The decision was made to allow her to be at peace.

“She is scheduled for surgery that will provide gifts of sight, health and life to dozens who are in need.”

* * * * *

Decca are set to release a Paul McCartney track – nearly 50 years after the label turned down the chance to sign the Beatles.

The Fab Four recorded a fifteen-track demo for the label on January 1, 1962, only to be told: “Guitar bands are on the way out.” It’s said to be the biggest mistake in the history of recorded music.

Now Decca will release the soundtrack from McCartney’s first ballet, called Ocean’s Kingdom, on October 3.

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