Sixx slates Poison fans; Machine Head Flynn’s music lessons; hip-hop is Alice’s nightmare; ex-Kyuss Oliver faces 15 years in jail

Running scared: Nikki Sixx

Nikki Sixx claims Poison fans are like “scared mice” because they run for cover at the end of Motley Crue’s set on the band’s current tour together.

Crue wind up their performance by throwing buckets of fake blood over the crowd, and the bassist believes only followers of Brett Michaels’ outfit move out of the way.

Sixx says: “You can tell the diehard Crueheads from Poison fans because they run like scared little mice when the blood comes out.

“Sadly they’ve lost the plot on why rock’n'roll exists. It’s not built on fear – it’s about pushing buttons.”

* * * * *

Robb Flynn says his recent music lessons has added a new dimension to Machine Head’s new album Unto the Locust.

The frontman explains: “We’ve really taken our music to the next level. I took some singing lessons with the guy who worked with Mick Jagger and Lady Gaga. Then I took some classical guitar.

“I wanted to feel like a beginner again and not be comfortable, and see what that brought out. There’s definitely a big neoclassical vibe between all the brutality on the record.”

Unto the Locust will be released at the end of September.

* * * * *

Alice Cooper says hip-hop music is one of things his stage character would be haunted by in his current reincarnation.

He’s poised to release Welcome 2 My Nightmare, which he and producer Bob Ezrin constructed to match the 1975 original album as much as possible, while still being a new piece of work.

Cooper says: “If you’re a real aficionado it’ll send a chill up your spine because it happens at the right spots.

“The first nightmare was a seven-year-old’s, with ‘What’s in my closet?’ and ‘My toys are coming to life.’ Now his nightmare would be hip-hop and technology and working nine to five in a cubicle.”

* * * * *

Former Queens of the Stone Age man Nick Oliveri faces 15 years in jail if he’s found guilty of charges related to his four-hour standoff with an LA SWAT team.

The bassist was arrested last month after police were called to his apartment following an argument with his girlfriend. He refused to let her leave and it took armed officers to persuade him to set her free after two hours.

A further two hours later he gave himself up, and a search of the property uncovered a loaded shotgun and some drugs.

Oliver is facing charges of possession of a controlled subtance, possession with a firearm and resisting a peace officer. He’ll appear in court in September.

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