Meat Loaf refuses to slow down, Metallica and Reed details, Jani Lane memorial plus stage collapse aftermath, Kiss and Crue

Warning signs: Meat Loaf

Meat Loaf is refusing to slim down his schedule despite collapsing twice at two separate shows on his current tour.

The singer says: “I take the stage as if it’s the last thing I’m ever going to do, and that’s how I perform every night.

“I’ve always said if I’m going out, I’m going out on stage.”

But he admits the recent events have “probably warned me to slow down – a little bit.”

* * * * *

Metallica’s collaboration album with Lou Reed will be called Lulu, inspired by the works of an early 20th century German playwright, the artists have revealed.

The project’s website says: “Since their publication in the early 1900s Frank Wedekind’s ‘Lulu Plays’ have been the inspiration for a silent film, an opera and countless other endeavours.

“Originally the material was sketched out by Lou for a theatrical production in Berlin, but after coming together with the ‘Tallica boys in 2009 he asked the band to join him in taking the piece to the next level.

“We can’t wait to share this music and the whole experience with you.”

Three track titles have been listed so far: Junior Dad, Mistress Dread and Pumping Blood. The album will be released on October 31.

* * * * *

Quiet Riot, Great White, LA Guns, Enuff Z’nuff and a number of other bands will play a free memorial concert for ex-Warrant frontman Jani Lane who died earlier this month.

The show takes place in the Key Club in Hollywood on August 29. Tickets will be made available at the venue from 10am on the day of the concert – only 300 will be available.

* * * * *

The organisers of a rock festival in Mississippi have decided to move their main stage indoors after the recent spate of stage collapses.

The Rockstar Energy Drink Uproar event in Biloxi on September 4, starring Avenged Sevenfold, Three Days Grace, Seether, Bullet for My Valentine and Escape the Fate will be held as arranged, but without the largest construction in its planned place.

A spokesman says: “Safety is our number-one concern and until an investigation is complete into the Indiana tragedy we didn’t feel comfortable building what would have been the largest stage ever constructed in Biloxi.”

Another victim of the storm-fuelled cave-in at the Indiana State Fair has died, bringing the total to six. Investigators are beginning to look into last week’s collapse at Pukkelpop in Belgium, where five people lost their lives.

* * * * *

Kiss will call their next album Monster – and say they’re back in the studio saddle after settling in with 2009′s Sonic Boom.

Paul Stanley reports: “That was a pivotal album in the sense we were aware of who we were as a performing band, but we had to re-establish who we were as a recording band.

“That being done, this album is much easier and much more self-assured. They’re anthemic songs; that’s the nature of how we write. There are no ballads.”

* * * * *

Tommy Lee remembers being astonished by a Rolling Stones performance five years ago – because they’d consumed so many drugs he was convinced they’d never be able to play a show.

The Motley Crue drummer says: “Literally five minutes before they’re to go on, I walk into the dressing room and Ronnie Wood and Keith Richards are fucking wasted.

“I’ve played many shows wasted, but these guys could barely walk. I was going, ‘There’s no way they’ll be able to do it. They can’t find the stage never mind play the right notes.

“But I was blown away – somehow they made it to the stage and as soon as the house lights went off it was just flawless. I was like, ‘I cannot believe what I just saw’.”

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