Leach on Killswitch, Van Halen guitar donation, Chilis cancel shows plus Ted Nugent, David Bowie, Biohazard, Trivium, Tigertailz, Refused, Seether

By Andrew McDonald

Jesse Leach

Saying nothing: Jesse Leach

Jesse Leach has refused to discuss a reunion with Killswitch Engage after fan speculation he’ll return to the band following the departure of his replacement, Howard Jones. The singer posted messages including: “No matter how insignificant it may seem at the moment, the smallest change can spark a revolution.” But he later confronted those trying to read between the lines of his words, saying: “If I have something to say, I will say it. For the moment I have no comments on KSE.” Meanwhile, the band have started the search for a new singer, inviting those interested to submit their details and a recording of their vocals.

Eddie Van Halen has donated 75 of his guitars to an educational charity. Mr Holland’s Opus Foundation will distribute the instruments to Los Angeles public schools which do not have enough instruments for the number of students enrolled. Van Halen says: “If I can help a kid discover a passion for music in their life, then that’s a wonderful thing. Music has provided a good life for me and hopefully it can help make life better for others with this donation.”

The Red Hot Chili Peppers have postponed the start of their US tour due to injury. A statement reads: “Anthony Kiedis underwent surgery to remove a crushed sesamoid bone and correct a detached flexor tendon in his foot and is expected to make a full recovery.”

There will soon be bullets with Ted Nugent’s name on them – he’s lending his name to a brand of ammo to be made by US firm Pierce Munitions. Nugent says: “My family and friends are one big shooting, hunting, outdoor family. I am excited and proud to now help create state-of-the-art ammo for dedicated sporters everywhere.” (Blabbermouth)

Life On Mars has topped a list of David Bowie’s most-loved songs. The poll was created by UK website Digital Spy to celebrate the singer’s 65th birthday this week. The top ten and their percentage of the votes are as follows:
1. Life on Mars? (21.4%)
2. Heroes (12.5%)
3. Ashes to Ashes (7.3%)
4. Let’s Dance (6.1%)
5. Starman (5.9%)
6. Space Oddity (4.6%)
7. Changes (3.3%)
8. Ziggy Stardust (3.3%)
9. The Man Who Sold the World (3.2%)
10. Magic Dance (2.5%)

Biohazard will release their new album Reborn In Defiance for free to US fans on January 20. It will be available for download from Revolver magazine’s website, and can be downloaded to smartphones through record stores and venues dubbed Biohazard Containment Zones. Vocalist Billy Graziadei says: “When we started, we followed our hearts and innovated a new direction for heavy music, and today we’re doing the same. Technology has allowed us to find a new way to thank fans for their support all these years.”

Trivium guitarist Corey Beaulieu says fans can expect them to keep pushing their own boundaries. He reports: “We’ve been around for a good amount of time, so I think we’ve established what we do. We’ve always evolved with every record, and we want to make an intense but catchy album next. There is more seven-string stuff being written, which has instantly brought a different feel to the music. It will be a mix of Shogun and In Waves – we’re taking what we’ve established and pushing it to the next level.”

Tigertailz have parted ways with bassist Sarah Firebrand. The band say: “The last thing the band needed right now was another line-up change, but unfortunately as a band we’re not functioning and a change was needed to move forward. We would like to thank Sarah for all she’s done and wish her all the best for the future. Our priority is the longevity of Tigertailz and to raise as much money as possible for the Amser Justin Time charity which helps people suffering from pancreatic cancer.” Firebrand says: “I am very disappointed at the decision, but I would like to thank the band for giving me this opportunity. I’m especially delighted to have been part of the 20th anniversary Bezerk live album. I look forward to my next exciting musical adventure.”

Refused have reunited to play California’s Coachella Festival in April. It will be the hardcore veterans’ first show since splitting in 1998. The band say: “In the fourteen years since our band came apart, there have been offers, but a reunion has just seemed irrelevant to us. Too much other shit to do. Finally, after a decade and a half hiatus, the four of us suddenly started making new music in assorted constellations. Coachella got in touch and one of us basically said ‘let’s just do it one last time.’ We wanna do it over, do it right, for the people who have kept the music alive through the years, but also for our own sakes.”

Seether frontman Shaun Morgan is always honest in his music – as he fears failure to do so could have lifelong repercussions. He says: “We’ve always been true to ourselves and we write songs that we feel are good. If they get released to radio, we’re going to have to play them for years to come, so they’ve got to be songs that we really believe in. If you don’t, you look like an asshole.” (Loudwire)

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