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Herman Frank

Spirit: Herman Frank

Accept bassist Pete Baltes says guitarist Herman Frank didn’t know he’d punctured his lung and broken four ribs during a US concert until after the show finished.

Frank is recovering in hospital and the band are playing without him until he’s fit again.

Baltes explains: “He tripped and landed hard on his back. Even though he managed to finish the show his pain became unbearable as we arrived in Houston for our next appearance. He was taken to the emergency room.

“Considering his condition his spirit is great. He’ll rejoin us as soon as he’s all healed up and good to go.”

* * * * *

Rolling Stone Ronnie Wood has been named Music Radio Personality of the Year at the UK’s Sony Radio Academy Awards for his Absolute Radio show.

The judges say: “Ronnie is an amazing character who hosts a really innovative programme. He’s lived the life of a thousand men and you feel like a child sitting at his feet as he recounts his adventures.

“His use of guitar and harmonica to introduce the varied music and stories makes his a unique and award-winning show.”

* * * * *

Megadeth mainman Dave Mustaine has officially become part of ex-Anthrax guitars Dan Spitz’s new band, Red Lamb.

The project will consist of work completed under the title Deuxmonkey, which imploded last month under the threat of legal action from departed frontman Wade Black.

Red Lamb’s debut album is being mixed by Johnny K, who’s previously worked with Machine Head, Disturbed and Staind.

* * * * *

Meanwhile, fellow former Anthrax man Danny Lilker has unveiled his new black metal outfit Nokturnal Hellstorm.

The bassist says: “I wanted to play pure black metal again. While a lot of people were drawn to the more sensational aspects of the scene and lost interest when all that died down, I was still drawn to the music.

“Nokturnal Hellstorm is, for me anyway, a homage to that era – we’re not reinventing the wheel here.”

* * * * *

Phil Lewis of LA Guns and Girl fame has joined the Heavy Metal Kids, replacing actor John Altman.

Altman, best known for his role as Nasty Nick in EastEnders, was forced to bow out due to day-job commitments. He joined the reactivated band in place of original frontman and Auf Wiedersehen Pet actor Gary Holton.

The Kids will play two shows in Croatia and one in London at the end of this month, with more dates to be announced.

* * * * *

Cro-Mags frontman John Joseph is offering guided walking tours of New York City’s lower east side district in a bid to preserve its social history.

He’s spent most of his life there, including spells in condemned squats, time working as a drug mule and an episode living next to infamous murderer Daniel Rakowitz.

Joseph explains: “A lot of its culture and significance has been lost in recent years with the gentrification of the city. Some of the best artists and some of the best-known crime lore came out of there and those two elements existed side by side.

“I feel like an archeologist, digging up and exposing the real lower east side for new generations before it becomes completely fossilised.”

* * * * *

Coheed and Cambria are preparing to commence work on a new album – and guitarist Travis Stever says it’s not going to wander too far from their format.

The band, led by Claudio Sanchez are known for taking the concept album to extremes by committing their entire career to telling the story of the Amory Wars – a narrative which has moved from music to text and graphic novels.

Stever says: “There’s a lot of ideas floating around. Claudio has written a few songs but he doesn’t know what they’re going to be for yet.

“I believe he’s most comfortable writing in a conceptual fashion so that should continue. Whatever the band decides to do, it’s going to be great.”

* * * * *

Behemoth mainman Nergal has paid tribute to his bandmates for their support during his battle against leukaemia.

The Polish outfit recently reconvened ahead of a return to live performance, and Nergal says: “We met in a small wooden cabin deep in the woods, no phone reception, no other people, no computers.

“We were all just talking and having a good time, setting out a plan for the next year and a half. I have the best bandmates on the planet – they’re very supportive and I know I can depend on them. They can depend on me more than ever nowadays.

“We’re all individual and very different, but I’m really happy to know we all speak the same language. I’m very thankful to be in this band.”

* * * * *

Rod Stewart’s son Sean is facing a lawsuit for over $200,000 in respect of a hired Bentley he’s alleged to have crashed in LA last September.

Its owners are demanding the $145,000 value of the car plus $72,000 in earnings lost during its withdrawal from their fleet.

Stewart, 30, was stopped a month later for a suspected traffic violation and found to be driving on a suspended licence.

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Rumourmill: This year’s Ozzfest touring show may have been called off. The event’s website has removed the holding page for its 2011 bill and a forum post asking for fans to suggest acts has been deleted.

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