Guitarist Morello reveals fans long-held hopes are unfounded: “The band is not writing songs and is not in the studio”

Tom Morello

Not doing what he told ya: Tom Morello

Rage Against the Machine are not working on an album, and have no current plans to do so, says guitarist Tom Morello.

His comment comes after a number of hints from frontman Zack de la Rocha in recent months that a recording project was underway, or at least being discussed.

Rage returned to the spotlight two years after their reunion when a Facebook campaign took them to number one in the UK’s Christmas single chart, beating X-Factor gameshow winner Joe McElderry to the coveted slot.

They headlined the UK’s Download festival in June 2010 and de la Rocha said at the time: “An album is definitely worth thinking about. We’ve got a pretty full year ahead of us but once we get our heads clear we’ll take it from there. I wouldn’t rule it out.”

Later that year the singer said: “We are working on a new album due out next year, perhaps in the summer.”

But now Morello insists that’s not the case. He says: “Right now there are no plans.

“The band is not writing songs, the band is not in the studio. We get along famously and we intend to do more Rage stuff in the future – but beyond working on a few concerts there’s nothing on the schedule.”

Rage’s last studio release was Renegade, which came out eleven years ago ahead of their split. Since getting back together in 2007 Morello says they’ve enjoyed playing live: “The songs don’t feel dated. It doesn’t feel like we’re doing a nostalgia set.”

Meanwhile the guitarist will release a solo EP, Union Town, later this month, followed by an album under his Nightwatchman title a few months later.

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