Departed singer Dan claims for “international defamation,” withheld royalties and loss of earnings after 18 months of Worship Music turmoil

Anthrax with Dan Nelson

Not the man: Nelson with Anthrax

Singer Dan Nelson wants $2.5m from Anthrax after the 18 months of turmoil he spent with the band as they struggled to make comeback album Worship Music.

He says they sacked him – but they insist he quit.

Nelson was named the thrash act’s replacement frontman in 2007 after John Bush was sidelined in favour of classic-era singer Joey Belladonna. The reunion fell apart but Bush refused to return.

Anthrax recorded an album with Nelson, but on the verge of its release they announced he’d resigned saying he was too ill to tour. The singer retaliated with a statement saying he’d been dumped while he made arrangements to fly to Europe with the band.

After his departure Bush returned for a short stint of live shows, then Belladonna came back to the fold full-time and recorded the version of Worship Music released in September.

Now Nelson, who closed his Facebook and Twitter accounts earlier this year after firing a barrage of allegations at his ex-bandmates, says he’s entitled to $2.65m in compensation.

He’s filed a lawsuit saying Anthrax intentionally defamed him by saying he’d quit, and later calling him a “bully” in an interview. He says he’s lost income as a result of his departure from the band, and further claims he’s owed royalties from the album because he helped write it.

The band have yet to comment.

Meanwhile, Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich has settled a lawsuit brought against him by his former PA.

Steven Wiig worked for Ulrich from 2001 until 2009 then claimed he was owed unpaid bonuses. The drummer’s attorney said Wiig understated his income by a considerable amount and that it added up to $110,000 a year rather than the $45,000 he claimed.

The case was due to be heard today but Ulrich settled last week. Neither party offered a comment.

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